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The publishers of the 50 most historically significant games since 1800




Image courtesy of Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro
These are the game publishers responsible for what I believe are the 50 most culturally and historically significant board games and card games published since 1800. The companies are listed here in alphabetical order; the games are listed chronologically under each company.

Companies with more than one game on this list include Milton Bradley (11), Parker Brothers (9), Avalon Hill (6), 3M (2), Mayfair Games (2), and TSR (2). There are four public domain games on the list.

3M (2 games)

APBA (1 game)

Avalon Hill (6 games)

Cadaco (1 game)

Eon (1 game)

FX Schmid (1 game)

Games Workshop (1 game)

Gibsons Games (1 game)

Horn Abbot Ltd. (1 game)

International Games (1 game)

Jamie Swise Games (1 game)

Kosmos (1 game)

Mayfair Games (2 games)

Milton Bradley (11 games)

Parker Brothers (9 games)

Ravensburger (1 game)

Screenlife (1 game)

Selchow and Righter (1 game)

TSR (2 games)

Tudor (1 game)

W. & S.B. Ives (1 game)

Wallie Dorr Company (1 game)

Wizards of the Coast (1 game)

Public Domain Games (4 games)

NOTE: If you add up the total number of listings on this page, you will get a number greater than 50. This is because several games were published simultaneously by more than one publisher and are listed under each company.

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