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Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games - Basic Information

A great resource for game historians at the University of Waterloo in Ontario


Backgammon - Board Game from Elliott Avedon Museum

Backgammon - Board Game from Elliott Avedon Museum

Photo used with permission of The Elliott Avedon Museum & Archive of Games, University of Waterloo.
The Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games was founded in 1971 and is dedicated to research and the collection, preservation, and exhibition of games and game-related objects.

In 1993, the museum started putting its collection online; the museum's web site now includes more than 700 pages and continues to grow.


The Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games is located on the campus of the University of Waterloo (200 University Avenue West) in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Waterloo is about 90 minutes west of Toronto.

Visiting the Museum

On-site exhibition viewing hours vary with each exhibit, but generally the Gallery is open to the public Monday through Thursday afternoons. Groups are accommodated by appointment.


On-site research can be conducted during normal business hours. Alternative arrangements can also be made.

The museum staff also tries to help with off-site research inquiries by email.

Collection and Exhibitions

The museum owns more than 5,000 games and game-related documents, including one of the world's largest collections of Crokinole boards, a collection of early card games, hand-carved Chess sets, and games from the Inuit culture. The main exhibit changes two or three times a year. Typically, about 20 or 30 games are displayed in the gallery at any one time.

Donating Games

The museum is interested in obtaining games and related materials for its collection. However, it does have some storage space limitations so anyone interested in making a donation should first contact the museum to make arrangements.


Web: http://www.gamesmuseum.uwaterloo.ca/
Email: musinfo@healthy.uwaterloo.ca
Phone: (519) 888-4424
Fax: (519) 746-6776


The Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games is managed by the university's Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, which itself is an academic unit within the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

The current museum director is Ron Johnson. Elliott Avedon, who founded the museum and was its first curator, retired in 1995 but is still active in answering email and developing the museum's web site.

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