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CharCon - Game Convention


Basic Information:

CharCon is an annual event in Charleston, West Virginia. It features open gaming, game tournaments, and more.


CharCon takes place at Charleston House Hotel in downtown Charleston, West Virginia.


October 19 (Friday), 2012
October 20 (Saturday), 2012
October 21 (Sunday), 2012

Web Site:

What You'll See:

CharCon features board games (including a game library supplied by the Appalachian Gamers), roleplaying games, miniatures games, and more.


Admission for adults ranges from $20 for a single-day pass (Friday or Sunday; $25 for Saturday) to $40 for a weekend pass. Discounts are available for children 12 and under.


The hotel has a variety of rooms available.


Plenty of parking is available at the hotel.

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