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Game Clubs - Board Games and Card Games

Resources related to board game and card game clubs, including tips on starting your own.
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Forming a Game Club
Information designed to help you form a successful game club in your area.

How to Find or Form a Game Club
Simple tips designed to make it easy for you to find or form a club of game players.

Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors
Dedicated to the collecting and preservation of old games and puzzles, and to research on the history of games and puzzles.

Boardgamers' Pastime
Boardgamers’ Pastime is a game club that meets in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Their site includes strategy tips for various games, variants, and more.

Cincinnatti Area Gamers
A relatively new site with several game reviews, variants, and more.

Columbus Area Boardgaming Society
In the Columbus, Ohio, area.

Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Society
Located not far from Philadelphia, this group gets together regularly to play a mixture of designer games, wargames, and other board games.

Game Central Station
This group is located in the Nashville, Tennessee, area.

Game Manufacturers Association
A trade association focusing on the adventure game category.

Gamers Alliance
An international network of game players and professionals. Membership includes a quarterly newsletter and access to a free international game search service.

Games Club of Maryland
Regular gaming in seven Maryland communities, including Reisterstown, Aberdeen, Columbia, Laurel, Potomac, and Westminister.

This site is run by a member of the North Eastern Illinois Gamers Association.

Houston Gamers
In the Houston, Texas, area.

Northern Virginia Gamers
Formed in 1985 to support gamers in the Washington D.C. area. Games played include historical miniatures and board games.

Reading Area Wargamers
A wargames club in the Reading, Pennsylvania, area.

Terminal City Gamers
This gaming group in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, has a tremendous site filled with news, reviews, session reports and more.

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