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Top 9 Free Board Games


There's a lot available for free on the Internet -- including board games. Here are my picks for the Top 10 best free board games available over the Web. Your tastes may vary, so you might want to spend some time browsing our full collection of free board games.

1. Breakthrough

Designed by Dan Troyka, Breakthrough was the winner of the 2001 8x8 Game Design Competition, chosen by the judges from more than 50 entries. It's simple but addictive -- try to get one of your pieces to the other side of the board before your opponent does the same. For 2 players.

2. Golem

The winner of the 2004 Shared Pieces Game Design Competition sponsored by this site, Golem was designed by Justin D. Jacbson. All you need to play is a deck of cards and a totem (any game piece with an identifiable "front" will work fine). Each turn in this two-player strategy game challenges players to allocate resources effectively to each of five phases: allocation, orientation, movement, harvesting and regeneration.

3. Unlur

Unlur, the winner of the 2002 Unequal Forces Game Design Competition, is an abstract strategy game played on a hexagon-shaped tesselation of hexagons with eight hexagons on each side. Unlur is also a game of unequal forces -- each player has a different objective.

4. Assembly Line

Designed by Stephen Glenn, Assembly Line won the 2003 Simultaneous Movement Game Design Competition. Players each control nine workers on an assembly line. As the products roll by, players get a chance to score at certain points in the game, based on what product they're working on at that moment. For 2 players.

5. Liar!

Designed by René Wiersma, Liar! won the 2005 Deduction Game Design Competition. The goal of the game is to be the first player to correctly guess which card is put face down in the middle of the table. You can also win if you catch your opponent lying. For 2 players.

6. Battle for Moscow

Battle for Moscow is a historical wargame of the German Army's struggle to defeat the Soviet Army and capture Moscow in 1941. It is played on a map of the territory where the battle was fought, and it uses playing pieces which represent the actual military units (German corps and Soviet armies) from the battle. For 2 players.

7. Robo Battle Pigs

Robotic pigs battle to the death on an 8x8 surface. The pigs, programmed five moves at a time, are armed with lasers and giant mechanical fists. The goal is to knock your opponent's swine out of commission. Designed by Randy Cox, for 2 players. An 8-player variant, known as Battle Against Several Hogs (B.A.S.H.) has been developed.

8. Rocketball

Players compete to get the rocketball into their opponent's goal by changing the playing field. A 2-player game from Invisible City Productions.

9. Werewolf

It's not a board game, but if you have a group of about 10 people together, Werewolf is a game to consider. Most players are villagers; they try to identify and eliminate the two werewolves in their midst. Multitudes of variants are published on the Web, so you can play it over and over. Werewolf also goes by the name Mafia.

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