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Railroad Euchre - Card Game - Rules

The rules for a series of variants for the trick-taking card game Euchre


These rules are variants based on standard Euchre. They are all designed to make the game quicker. (They're collectively filed under the name "Railroad Euchre" because many of them were developed by commuters to play on a train.)

Calling for Best

A player who has chosen to go alone may discard one card, face down, and call for his partner's best card. The partner must select his "best" card without any consultation.

If a player "assists" and then chooses to go alone, the dealer may consider the face-up card when selecting his "best" card.


Add one joker to the deck before shuffling the cards. The joker ranks as the highest trump card. If the joker is turned face-up, the proposed trump suit is hearts.


If a player or partnership exceeds five points, he (they) may carry the extra points into the next game.


If the losing side scores zero points, the game is worth double.

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