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Can you trust your fellow players as you try to conquer Europe? The answer to that question lies at the heart of any game of Diplomacy.

Diplomacy - Game Profile
A look at Diplomacy, judged to be one of the most historically and culturally significant games published since 1800.

Diplomacy vs. Survivor
Which is better - the classic negotiation game Diplomacy or the reality television show Shurvivor?

Machiavelli: A Primer
From Diplomacy World, basic information on one of the most popular and complex Diplomacy variants.

Diplomatic Pouch Zine
For my money, the best Diplomacy-related publication available anywhere, and it's all available free online.

An absolutely thorough and compelling look at the moves available in Spring 1901.

FAQ: rec.games.diplomacy
The official set of questions and answers from the Diplomacy newsgroup.

Strategy (1)
More than 125 articles covering just about every angle of Diplomacy strategy. From The Diplomatic Pouch.

From the Diplomatic Pouch, rules, articles and general information for over 140 Diplomacy variants.

From The Diplomatic Pouch, more than 220 maps for Diplomacy and its many variants.

A collection of illustrated tactics for common situations, written by Matthew Self. These are the kind of tips that move you up the world.

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