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Best Known For:

Wolfgang Kramer is best known for the board games El Grande (1995), The Princes of Florence (2000) and Tikal (1999), all of which are among the top 100 rated games at BoardGameGeek.com. He is also well known for the card game Category 5 (1994; it has also been published as 6 Nimmt!, Take 5 and Take 6).

Other Games:

Wolfgang Kramer has designed well over 100 published board games and card games, including Asara (2010), Torres (1999), Maharaja: Palace Building in India (2004), Colosseum (2007), Java (2000), Mexica (2002), Hacienda (2005), Gulo Gulo (2003), Top Secret Spies (1984), Midnight Party (1989), Daytona 500 (1990), and Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix (1995).

First Published Game:

Tempo (1974), published by Altenburger und Stralsunder Spielkarten-Fabriken (ASS), was Wolfgang Kramer's first published game.

Best Games:

Here is a list of my picks of the best games designed by Wolfgang Kramer.


Many games designed and co-designed by Kramer have won awards, including five Spiel des Jahres awards (2000, Torres; 1999, Tikal; 1996, El Grande; 1987, Auf Achse; 1986, Heimlich & Co. / Top Secret Spies), three Deutscher Spiele Preis awards (1999, Tikal; 1996, El Grande; 1994, Take 6! / Category 5), and two International Gamers Awards (2000, Tikal; 2001, The Princes of Florence). Tikal is also among my picks for the best archeology games, and Top Secret Spies is on my lists of the best spy games and the best mystery games.

More About Wolfgang Kramer:

Wolfgang Kramer's web site (in German) is available at www.kramer-spiele.de.
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