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Best Known For:

Sid Sackson's best-known game is probably Acquire, which has been published numerous times since its first printing in 1962. The dice game Can't Stop and the negotiation game I'm the Boss are also very popular.

Other Games:

Among the approximately 100 published games designed by Sid Sackson are the deduction game Sleuth, the trading games Samarkand and Bazaar, the abstract strategy game Focus (also known as Domination), the word game BuyWord, and the city-building game Metropolis.


Sackson wrote several books, including A Gamut of Games (1969, Random House), Beyond Tic-Tac-Toe (1975, Pantheon Books), Beyond Solitaire (1976, Pantheon Books), Beyond Competition (1977, Pantheon Books), and Beyond Words (1977, Pantheon Books). He also served as the primary games consultant for The Book of Classic Board Games (1991, Klutz Press).

First Published Game:

Sid Sackson's first published game was a two-player trick-taking card game called Slam, which he self-published in 1951. The rules are included in Sackson's book A Gamut of Games (1969, Random House).

Best Games:

Here are my picks for the best games designed by Sid Sackson.

Game Collection:

Sackson had a massive game collection which included more than 18,000 games. Soon after he passed away in 2002, an auction was held where many of the games were sold. About six months later, a second auction was held.

Birth and Death:

Sid Sackson was born in 1920. He passed away on November 6, 2002.

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