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Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

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Best Known For::

Matt Leacock is best known for the cooperative board games Forbidden Island (2010) and Pandemic (2008).

Other Games:

Other games designed by Leacock include the dice game Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age (2009) and the race game Lunatix Loop (2000). He has also designed an expansion for Pandemic, On The Brink (2009).

First Published Game:

Leacock's first published game was the limited edition kingdom-building game Borderlands (1995), which was published by his own company, Locust Games.


Pandemic was named the 2008 Family Game of the Year by Games magazine, and it was nominated for a 2008 International Gamers Award for Multi-Player General Strategy Game. It was also my pick as the best board game of 2008.

More About Matt Leacock:

According to a biography on his web site, Leacock started designing games as a teenager. "Typically, I'd get some lame mass market, tv-show-of-the-year game, get frustrated by its mediocrity, then try to do better on the reverse side of the board with a magic marker," he said.

In 2008, Leacock spoke about the design of Pandemic at a Google Tech Talk. I highly recommend this lecture for anyone interested in the process of designing a board game.

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