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Power Grid

Power Grid

Image courtesy of Rio Grande Games

Best Known For:

Friedemann Friese's best-known board game is probably Power Grid, published in 2004 by Rio Grande Games and 2F-Spiele. In Power Grid, players compete to supply cities with power, acquiring various types of raw materials (e.g., coal, oil, and uranium) to generate electricity.

Other Games:

More than 35 of Friese's games and expansions have been published. Other popular games include the horror-themed race game Fearsome Floors (2003), the bluffing card game Felix: The Cat in the Sack (2007), and the log-race game Fast Flowing Forest Fellers (2008).

First Published Game:

According to BoardGameGeek.com, Friedemann Friese's first published game was the 1992 card game Landlord (originally known as Wucherer). Friese has written a GeekList explaining the origins of many of his games.

Best Games:

My picks for the top 5 best games designed by Friedemann Friese are (in this order) Power Grid, Fast Flowing Forest Fellers, Fauna, Fearsome Floors, and Felix: The Cat in the Sack.


Power Grid won a 2004 Meeples Choice Award. It was also my choice as the #6 game published in 2004.


2F-Spiele is a company created by Friese to publish his own designs.

More About Friedemann Friese:

Friese is well-known for his bright green hair.

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