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Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack

Photo © Erik Arneson

Best Known For:

Bruno Cathala is best known for co-designing Shadows Over Camelot (2005, with Serge Laget), along with Mr. Jack (2006), Mr. Jack in New York (2009), and Cleopatra and the Society of Architects (2006), all three of which were co-designed with Ludovic Maublanc.

Other Games:

Among the other games designed or co-designed by Bruno Cathala are Cyclades (2009), Mission: Red Planet (2005), Jamaica (2007), Boomtown (2004), Dice Town (2009), and Queen's Necklace (2003). In total, he has designed or co-designed about 30 published games.

First Published Games:

Three games designed by Bruno Cathala were released in 2002, all two-player games published by Eurogames: Tony & Tino, Drake & Drake, and War & Sheep.


Mr. Jack in New York was my pick as the #7 board game of 2009. Jamaica won a 2008 Golden Geek Award for artwork. Mr. Jack won a 2007 International Gamers Award. Shadows Over Camelot was my pick as the best board game of 2005 and won a 2005 Meeples Choice Award.

Interview with Bruno Cathala:

Here's an interview with Bruno Cathala about Mr. Jack in New York.

More About Bruno Cathala:

Bruno Cathala, born in 1963, is a French game designer. He has lived in the Haute-Savoie region of France near Switzerland since 1986.
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