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1st & Goal

1st & Goal

Image courtesy of R&R Games

Best Known For:

Stephen Glenn is best known for designing the games Balloon Cup (2003), 1st & Goal (2011) and You Must Be an Idiot! (2005).

Other Games:

Other games designed by Glenn include Pants on Fire (2009), Jetsetters (2007), and Ballot Bots (2007, co-designed with Mike Petty). His game Assembly Line (2003) won the Simultaneous Movement Game Design Competition sponsored by this site and Abstract Games magazine. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Inc. (2003) was an entry in the same competition.

First Published Game:

Glenn's first published game was Balloon Cup, released by Kosmos and Rio Grande Games in 2003.


Balloon Cup was nominated for the 2003 Spiel des Jahres award.
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