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Serge Laget - Game Designer - Biography


Cargo Noir

Cargo Noir

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Best Known For:

Serge Laget is best known for designing or co-designing Cargo Noir (2011), Shadows Over Camelot (2005, with Bruno Cathala), Mare Nostrum (2003), Mystery Express (2010, with Antoine Bauza), and Ad Astra (2009, with Bruno Faidutti).

Other Games:

Among the other games designed or co-designed by Serge Laget are Mystery of the Abbey (1996), Senji (2008), Wicked Witches Way (2006), Castle (2000), and Kheops (2008). In total, he has designed or co-designed about a dozen published games, along with several expansions.

First Published Games:

Serge Laget's first published game was 1984's Le Gang des Traction-Avant, a mafia-themed game co-designed with Alain Munoz and published by International Team and Schmidt Spiele.


Shadows Over Camelot was my pick as the best board game of 2005. Mystery Express was my pick as the #9 board game of 2010. Mystery of the Abbey is on my list of the best mystery games.

Web Site:

SergeLaget.com (in French)

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