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Donald X. Vaccarino - Game Designer - Profile




Image courtesy of Rio Grande Games

Best Known For:

Donald X. Vaccarino is best known as the designer of Dominion (2008, Rio Grande Games), the numerous expansions for Dominion, and Nefarious (2011, Ascora Games).

Other Games:

Vaccarino also designed Kingdom Builder (2011, Queen Games), Monster Factory (2012, Rio Grande Games), and Toho Shisoroku: Toho Komakyo-hen (2011, Hobby Japan). Toho Shisoroku: Toho Komakyo-hen is based on the mechanics of Dominion.

First Published Game:

Dominion (2008), published by Rio Grande Games, was Vaccarino's first published game.



According to BoardGameGeek.com, Vaccarino was born in 1969.

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