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Mystery Express


Mystery Express

Mystery Express

Image courtesy of Days of Wonder

Gameplay in Brief:

There's a murder aboard the famous Orient Express trainm and players spend the rest of the journey uncovering the killer's identity, motive and modus operandi, along with the location and time of death, in this delightful deduction game.

Each train car provides an opportunity to gather information. There are two copies of each of the four types of cards (time is handled differently). Before the last round, players may guess some or all of the solution; this serves as a tiebreaker. When the game ends, final accusations are made. The player with the most correct final accusations (out of five) is the winner.

The Basics:

For 3 to 5 players, ages 12 and up. About 75 minutes per game.


Mystery Express was designed by Antoine Bauza and Serge Laget.


Mystery Express was published by Days of Wonder in 2010.


Mystery Express is a deduction game with a murder theme and a train theme.


Mystery Express was my pick as the #9 board game of 2010.

Also by Bauza and Laget:

Bauza also designed or co-designed Ghost Stories (2008), Pony Express (2009), Pocket Rockets (2009) and more than a dozen other published games and expansions. Laget's design credits include Shadows Over Camelot (2005), Ad Astra (2009), Mare Nostrum (2006), Mystery of the Abbey (1996), Senji (2008), and about a dozen other published games and expansions.
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