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The Basics:

Rio Grande Games was founded by Jay Tummelson in March 1998. It is headquartered in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Best Known For:

Among the best-known games in Rio Grande Games' catalog are Bohnanza, Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Power Grid, Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy, and Zooloretto.

Other Games:

Rio Grande Games has published more than 350 games in a wide variety of categories including abstract (e.g., Dvonn and Tamsk), auction (e.g., Medici and Taj Mahal), memory (e.g., Chicken Cha Cha Cha and Dawn Under), and racing (e.g., Around the World in 80 Days and Fast Flowing Forest Fellers).


Games published by Rio Grande Games have won many awards, including the Spiel des Jahres (e.g., Zooloretto, Thurn and Taxis, Niagara, Carcassonne, Torres, Tikal, and Elfenland), the Deutscher Spiele Preis (Caylus, Saint Petersburg, Puerto Rico, Carcassonne, and Tikal), the International Gamers Award (e.g., Caylus, Saint Petersburg, and Puerto Rico), and the Meeples Choice Award (e.g., Race for the Galaxy, Thurn and Taxis, Caylus, Goa, Wyatt Earp, and Lost Cities).


Most often, Rio Grande Games partners with German game publishers to publish English versions of German games. The company has partnered with many German publishers, including Amigo, Hans im Glück, Kosmos, and Ravensburger.

Web Site:

Interview with CEO Jay Tummelson:

In 2000, I interviewed Jay Tummelson about Rio Grande Games.

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