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Snow Tails

Snow Tails

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The Basics:

Asmodée Editions is a game publisher and distributer based in France. The U.S. branch of the company, Asmodée U.S., is a subsidiary of Asmodée Group in North America. In Canada and the U.S., Asmodée Group distributes board games and card games published by Asmodée, Hurrican, Repos Production, Ystari, and a number of other companies.

Best Known For:

Among the best-known games in the Asmodée Editions catalog are Formula D, Ghost Stories, Snow Tails, and Dungeon Twister.

Other Games:

Asmodée Editions has also published the crime-themed Cash 'N' Guns, the party game Dixit, and the dexterity game Jungle Speed.


Three games published by Asmodée Editions appear on my list of the best racing games: Formula D is #1, Snow Tails is #2, and Ave Caesar is #3. Ghost Stories was my pick as the #2 board game published in 2008.

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