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Chicago Toy and Game Fair - Game Convention


Daryl Hannah and Hilary Shepard at ChiTAG - Chicago Toy and Game Fair

Daryl Hannah and Hilary Shepard, designers of LIEbrary, at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair.

Photo courtesy of ChiTAG

Basic Information:

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair, which started in 2003, is an annual event for families and game players of all ages. Here's some information to help you plan a trip to ChiTAG.


The Chicago Toy and Game Fair takes place at the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois. The Navy Pier is a top tourist destination, drawing more than 9 million visitors each year.

Dates and Times:

November 19 (Saturday), 2011
November 20 (Sunday), 2011

Web Site:

What You'll See:

Game and toy companies from various countries will be on hand to show off their latest products. At the fair, many of the company booths will be set up to encourage gameplay.


Attendance to ChiTAG 2010 was $10 per adult and $5 per child (ages 3 to 13). Free admission was available for educators, librarians, and scouts in uniform.


ChiTAG is held in downtown Chicago, so plenty of nearby hotels are available.


On-site parking garages accommodating 1,600 cars are available at the Navy Pier. Rates are $23 per day, Friday through Sunday, and $19 per day, Monday through Thursday. Public transportation is also available. Details are available on ChiTAG's web site.

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