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Ed Hall at ChiTAG 2006 - Inventor of Word Ace

Photos from the 2006 Chicago International Toy and Game Fair


Ed Hall at ChiTAG 2006 - American Inventor - Word Ace

Ed Hall at ChiTAG 2006 - Inventor of Word Ace

Photo © 2006 Erik Arneson
Ed Hall, designer of the game Word Ace and runner-up on the ABC television series American Inventor spoke at ChiTAG 2006. He talked about the importance of dreaming and being an "idea doer" who makes those dreams come true. Hall said there is no unbreakable formula for success in any industry.

After his talk, Hall said that Word Ace -- an electronic tabletop word game for 1 to 6 players -- should be available in spring 2007.

Getting to know other inventors on American Inventor, Hall said, was a "priceless interaction." He said the television audience didn't get to see the real camraderie that developed between the competing inventors, "people who made sacrifices and took risks to make their dreams come true."

According to his official bio on ABC.com, Hall, a former elementary and high school teacher and coach, "wanted to create an educational game that was as fun as it was challenging, to motivate his students to get excited about learning."

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