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Bratz Fashion Party Fever - Game Preview

Bratz Fashion Party Fever was published by Upper Deck Entertainment


Upper Deck Entertainment publishes Bratz Fashion Party Fever, a game the company called "the newest and most stylish trading card game made just for girls."

The game was first released in retail and hobby stores nationwide beginning in April 2004. The following description was provided by Upper Deck Entertainment a few months earlier:

The game gives Bratz fans the opportunity to throw a party where only crazy-cool fashions and funkalicious accessories make for the ultimate bash. Players work together with friends to get the Bratz dressed in stylish outfits and out to the dance floor before the clock runs out. If the players are successful in swapping fashion forward clothes, and, in completing the Fashion Passion Prism with the Bratz, they'll be struttin' it on the dance floor in style.

Party Power! cards feature funky fashion fabrics from the Bratz closet; Bratz cards highlight your favorite characters; and Fashion cards showcase cool clothing styles such as Rockin' and Funkalish'. The Fashion Passion Prism featured on each Bratz cards helps score bonus points, and a special decoder card is used to unveil secret questions from the Bratz. The easy-to-learn rules will get Bratz fans and friends on their way towards a rockin' Bratz party in no time.

The Bratz Fashion Party Fever Game two-player starter set included two 37-card decks, one rulebook, one Party Game Playmat, one die, a time clock, a token, a secret question decoder and 20 player markers. The "Girlz Nite Out" Booster Fashion Packs include six cards per pack.

Bratz Fashion Party Fever is a multi-player game that can be played with more than two players.

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