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Image courtesy of Gamewright

Gameplay in Brief:

Gubs is set in a lushly illustrated fantasy world based around a group of imaginative creatures like Toad Riders, Velvet Moths and Omen Beetles. Players compete to build the mightiest Gub colony while fighting off traps, lures and other surprising events.


For 2 to 6 players, ages 10 and up. About 20 minutes per game.


Gubs was designed by brothers Cole Medeiros and Alex Medeiros.


Cole Medeiros originally self-published Gubs in 2007 and sold out of that original print run. A new, redesigned version will be released by Gamewright in 2011.


Gubs is a card game which requires skillful hand management.

Also by Cole Medeiros and Alex Madeiros:

Gubs is the first published game designed by Cole Medeiros and Alex Madeiros.
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