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Gameplay in Brief:

Players compete to find as many words as possible in a 4x4 grid of dice with letters imprinted on each side as a three-minute sand timer works its way down. You score points by finding words that other players don't locate. Boggle is fast-paced and addictive.


For 2 or more players (the only upper limit is a practical one, space at the table), ages 8 and up. About 5 minutes per game.


Boggle was designed by Alan Turoff and Bill Cooke.


Boggle is published by Parker Brothers / Hasbro. It has also been published by several other game companies, including Waddingtons Games, Clipper, Editrice Giochi, and Palitoy. Boggle was first published in 1972.


Boggle is a word game with a dice-based mechanic.

Also by Alan Turoff and Bill Cooke:

Boggle is the only published game designed by Alan Turoff, according to BoardGameGeek.com. Bill Cooke also designed The Magnificent Race, a children's race game published in 1975 by Parker Brothers.

Other Editions:

Boggle has been published in numerous editions, including Big Boggle (1979), which uses a 5x5 grid; Body Boggle (1984), which is Boggle meets Twister; Boggle Jr. (1998); Boggle Bowl (1987); Pocket Boggle (1980); and Number Boggle (1978), which was also published as Foggle.


Boggle is on my list of the best word games and the best games for family gatherings. Boggle Jr. is on my list of the best children's word games.
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