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Basic Information:

BoardGameGeek.con is a game convention for game players. The focus is on open gaming (a 1,000-plus game library is available for attendees). There are also some special events. Attendance is limited, so it's always important to sign up early.


BoardGameGeek.con takes place at the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport hotel in Irving, Texas. The hotel is about 19 miles northeast of downtown Dallas and very close to DFW International Airport.

Dates and Times:

November 16 (Wednesday), 2011
November 17 (Thursday), 2011
November 18 (Friday), 2011
November 19 (Saturday), 2011

November 20 (Sunday), 2011

Web Site:

What You'll See:

A ton of games being played. The game room is open 24 hours a day once the convention begins, and the focus at BGG.con is on informal, friendly open gaming. Other special events include a Texas Hold 'Em tournament, a game show, a treasure hunt, and a flea market.


The cost for 2011 is $75 to $100, depending when you register. Space is limited, and the 2011 event is sold out. You can still sign up for the event's waiting list.


The easiest place to stay is the hotel where BGG.con is held, which has more than 500 guest rooms and suites. Other hotels are available nearby.


Plenty of free on-site parking is available.

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