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The Complete Guide to Battleship

Resources for players of the classic naval battle game


Battleship, based on a paper-and-pencil game designed in the early 1900s, is a two-player game for ages 8 and up (although younger children can often play it very well). It was first published by Milton Bradley as "Broadsides: the Game of Naval Strategy" in 1943.

1. Battleship Profile

Photo © Erik Arneson
Battleship is a deduction game with a naval battle theme. A new edition, pictured here, was published in 2009.

2. How to Play Battleship

Here's a summary of the basic rules of Battleship, summarized by contributing writer Seth Brown. If you've misplaced the rules to the game, this article will clarify any questions you might have.

3. How to Win at Battleship

Unlike Chess, which is a complex game that has spawned hundreds of books on strategy, the strategy for Battleship is not very complicated. Basically, there are only two simple decisions in your Battleship game. First you have to figure out where to hide your ships, and then you have to figure out how to shoot at your opponent's board. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to win at Battleship.

4. Salvo - Paper-and-Pencil Game

The complete rules of the paper-and-pencil game Salvo, which Battleship is based on. Gameplay starts with two empty 10x10 grids, onto which players place their four ships.

5. Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission

Electronic Battleship Advanced Mission
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This updated version of Electronic Battleship includes higher-quality voice commands and battle sounds as players seek out secret hiding spots and attempt to sink opposing ships.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship Command

Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship
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This is more than just a themed edition of Battleship. Pirates of the Caribbean Battleship Command features several new variations on gameplay, including special ship powers.

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