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Every board game and card game review published on the About.com Board/Card Games site, listed in alphabetical order.
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1313 Dead End Drive
Rich Aunt Agatha is dead, and 16 of her potential heirs have gathered for the reading of her will. To collect anything, they must escape from the treacherous, trap-filled mansion before the stroke of midnight.

80's Game, The
The 80's Game challenges players to recall trivia from the 1980s. Also available are The 70's Game and The 90's Game.

American Idol Board Game
The popular television show is turned into a board game, complete with an 11-song karaoke CD.

A strategic pirate-themed exploration game that plays best with four players.

Battle Ball
A futuristic football game for two players, Battle Ball is roaring good fun for players who won't take it too seriously.

Boggle Jr.
Boggle Jr. is a delightful first word game for children, helping them to master the alphabet and spell simple words like map, lion, bus and sock.

Break the Safe
Break the Safe is a unique game, as players work cooperatively to deactivate a safe's self-destruct mechanism. It's a fantastic game for families.

Buzzword should be enjoyed by fans of party/word games like Taboo and Catchphrase.

Clever and quick, Clans is one of the rare 30-minute strategy games that feels much more substantial.

Clash of the Gladiators
An arena filled with gladiators battling to the death, fighting each other and ferocious animals.

Clue - The Simpsons Edition
The classic whodunit game moves to Springfield with a cast of suspects from The Simpsons animated television series.

Clue Jr.
Which pet has hidden which toy in the doghouse? That's the question in this scaled-down version of Clue. Clue Jr. is a solid introductory deduction game but it won't appeal much to adult players.

Coda won't force you to use all your brain cells, so if that's what you look for in a deduction game, don't pick up this game. But if you would enjoy a light 20-minute deduction game, Coda is for you.

Fans of party games and trivia games should try Cranium, a creative mix of word games, sculpting, drawing, charades and more.

Dibs is a nice change of pace among trivia games, providing a new experience for fans of the genre.

Don't Quote Me
Recognizing quotes from five categories -- Leaders, the Arts, Pop Culture, Life and Literature, and Sports -- will lead you to victory in the trivia board game Don't Quote Me.

Dragon's Gold
Dragon's Gold begins with players working together to kill various dragons. It sounds hard, but it's not. When it comes to dividing their treasure, however -- look out.

Election Quest
Election Quest will appeal primarily to those fascinated by United States politics in 2004. Few others will have interest in it, as the gameplay is too weak to appeal to gamers.

Fightball takes basketball into the future, with shooters and blockers, shots and balls being played all over the court at a furious pace. The best coached team will win.

Finding Nemo
If your children are fans of the Finding Nemo movie from Disney and Pixar, this game is a great way to spend some time playing a really good board game with them.

Fish Eat Fish
Fish Eat Fish is a clever abstract game that can be played and enjoyed by novices and children, but offers enough depth to appeal to serious gamers and adults.

Fist of Dragonstones
If you enjoy auction games with blind bidding, Fist of Dragonstones will be a welcome addition to your game collection.

Golo Golf Dice
Golo Golf Dice is a simple, addictive dice game that works well with the golf theme and will provide hours of fun without taxing your brain very much.

Gouda! Gouda!
There's a pile of cheese at the end of the race, and in Gouda! Gouda! each player controls a team of five mice eager to get their hands on it.

Hannah Montana Girl Talk
A review of the board game Hannah Montana Girl Talk, published by Milton Bradley / Hasbro.

Hannah Montana Uno
A review of the card game Hannah Montana Uno, pubished by Mattel.

Harry Potter Halls of Hogwarts
Players race through an ever-changing maze of halls and classrooms to be the first to complete seven assignments.

Harry's Grand Slam Baseball Game
A review of the card game Harry's Grand Slam Baseball, published by Out of the Box Publishing.

HeroScape Fortress of the Archkyrie
A review of the Fortress of the Valkyrie castle expansion for the board game HeroScape.

HeroScape Master Set
A review of the fantasy battle board game HeroScape, published in 2004 by Hasbro / Milton Bradley.

Jurassic Park III Island Survival Game
A review of the board game Jurassic Park III Island Survival Game.

Kim Possible Board Game
Children who watch the popular Kim Possible cartoon series will enjoy this game, and the advanced rules will keep parents interested.

A review of the game Klondike, designed by Christian Wolf and Stefanie Rohner, and published by Haba.

Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation
Fans of The Lord of the Rings will find The Confrontation to be engaging, challenging and entertaining. This is a brilliantly designed two-player strategy game.

If storytelling comes naturally to you, pick up Malarky. It's similar to Balderdash but different enough to stand on its own.

Marvel HeroScape
A review of the board game Marvel HeroScape, published by Hasbro in 2007.

Mojo Jojo Attacks Townsville
A review of this two-player game. One player controls the Powerpuff Girls; the other is Mojo Jojo. The 3-D board features a large laser tower used by Mojo Jojo to attack the Girls.

Monopoly - America Edition
A patriotic-themed edition of Monopoly which also introduces some new optional rules.

Monopoly Town
A review of the children's board game Monopoly Town, published by Parker Brothers / Hasbro.

Mystery of the Abbey
One of the best deduction games I've ever played, Mystery of the Abbey also has some laugh-out-loud moments.

New York Minute
If you have children who are fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and/or who enjoyed the movie New York Minute, this game isn't a horrible one to purchase -- not great, either, but not horrible.

One False Step for Mankind
One False Step for Mankind is a serious strategy game from Cheapass Games, a company known for its lighter, more humorous take on games. It works fairly well, but is a bit on the long side.

PDQ - The Pretty Darn Quick Word Game
PDQ, the Pretty Darn Quick Word Game, is light family fun. It's a great game to toss into a backpack for a weekend getaway.

People Magazine Game
The People Magazine Game is great for celebrity-obsessed players and pop culture fanatics.

Petcha Didn't Know
A trivia game with questions all about animals, with special questions available for younger players.

Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Treasure Hunt
A review of The Pirates of the Caribbean DVD Treasure Hunt game.

Pizarro & Co.
Players bid for the services of six great explorers, including Magellan, Columbus and Pizarro. A great auction game.

A review of the card game Poison, designed by Reiner Knizia and published by Playroom Entertainment.

Rigamarole is a creative, multi-facted and sometimes wacky party game with significant appeal to fans of Cranium.

Risk 2210 AD
An updated version of Risk, this game features powerful commanders and command cards.

Saving the World Before Bedtime
A look at this Powerpuff Girls game. Players compete to be the first to nab four criminals.

Scandal Monger
Scandals from the 1950s through 2002 are the subject of this trivia game.

Scene It?
Scene It? incorporates DVD technology into a movie trivia game, creating an exciting new game experience.

Settlers of Catan
Players compete to build roads, settlements and cities on the island of Catan in this game, which has sold millions of copies around the world.

Smarty Party
Smarty Party is a wonderful trivia game, a new experience for experienced trivia game players that also appeals to those whose brains aren't packed with minutiae.

The first reaction I had when playing Squint is that it's a fantastic new game for fans of Pictionary.

Star Wars Attacktix
A review of the game Attacktix, a Star Wars-themed game published by Hasbro.

Star Wars Epic Duels - Game Review
If you've ever wondered who would win between Darth Maul and Han Solo, or a straight-up battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine, Epic Duels is the game you've been waiting for.

Star Wars Jedi Unleashed
Not the height of strategic gaming, but very good for what it is -- a light game based on rolling dice. Each player controls a team of Jedi trying to slay enemy creatures.

Star Wars Stratego
If you're into both Stratego and Star Wars, you'll dig this game.

Talkin' Tango
Talkin' Tango is a fun party game, especially for those who also enjoy word games.

Slick, cool and loads of fun, Thingamajig is a great game for group gatherings, offering plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.

Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride is an absolutely top-notch game with broad appeal, playing in less than an hour and providing a lot of depth without being complicated. Players compete to build railroads across the United States and Canada, both developing their own plans and disrupting the plans of others.

Top Trumps
The Top Trumps card games, based on the children's game War, won't win awards for strategic gaming, but they will provide hours of inexpensive fun for children who enjoy the themes.

Touch, The
The Touch is a refreshing party game, original and extremely entertaining.

Vampire Hunter
Players track the vampire Drakus in this game that sees time switch from day to night and back again. Your weapons are garlic, a sword and a stake. Happy hunting.

A review of the card game Voltage, designed by Brian Yu and published by Mattel in 2006.

War and Sheep
Competing flocks of sheep try to eat the best grass while avoiding the wolves in this two-player game.

Wits & Wagers
A review of the trivia/party game Wits & Wagers, published in 2005 by North Star Games and Eagle Games.

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