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2005 Games Magazine Games 100

The venerable magazine names the best 100 board and card games of 2004


Memoir '44 Box Cover

Memoir '44

Image courtesy of Days of Wonder
Each year, Games magazine publishes a buyer's guide with 100 of the games that, according to the magazine, "over the course of the year, proved to be the favorites of our editors and tireless playtesters."

The 2005 list, published in the December 2004 issue, named the overall best new game of the year (for 2004), along with and the best new game of the year and a runner-up in eight categories. And the winners are...

Game of the Year: BuyWord

Abstract Strategy: Yinsh, Siege Stones (runner-up)

Advanced Strategy: Tahuantinsuyu, Goa (runner-up)

Family: Vanished Planet, Gulo Gulo (runner-up)

Family Card: Victory & Honor, Scream Machine (runner-up)

Family Strategy: Alexandros, Hansa (runner-up)

Party/Trivia: Cranium Hoopla, Words of Wiz-Dumb (runner-up)

Word: Word Rich, Wordigo (runner-up)

Historical Simulation: Memoir '44, Wings of War: Famous Aces (runner-up)

These choices differ quite a bit from my own picks for the best games of 2004. My top game, Ticket to Ride, was mentioned in the family games category, but didn't even earn runner-up status. The next two games on my list, HeroScape and Betrayal at House on the Hill, don't get listed anywhere in the Games 100.

All of which goes to show that 2004 was another strong year for games -- dozens and dozens of strong new games were published.

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