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Formula D

Image courtesy of Asmodée Editions

Gameplay in Brief:

Formula D uses a creative method of gear changing to simulate high-speed automobile racing -- what gear you're in determines how big the die you roll is. Successfully navigating turns can be tricky, and you need to watch your tires.

With many tracks available, this is a must-have for fans of Formula One racing. Unlike previous versions of the game, Formula D also includes rules and a map for city-based street racing. (The street course rules include the possibility of angry residents shooting at the cars.)


For 2 to 10 players (best with 5 to 8 players), ages 8 and up. About 60 minutes per game.


Formula D was designed by Eric Randall and Laurent Lavaur.


Formula D is published by Asmodée Editions. An earlier version, known as Formula Dé, was published by Descartes Editeur, Ludodelire and Top Licence Games.


Formula D is an automobile racing game which uses a dice-based movement system.

Also by Eric Randall and Laurent Lavaur:

Formula D, Formula Dé and related games and expansions are the only designs credited to Randall and Lavaur at BoardGameGeek.com.

Additional Tracks:

Several expansions are also available for Formula D, including tracks for Sebring and Chicago (2009), Hockenheim and Valencia (2009), and Singapore and The Docks (2010). In addition, nearly three dozen additional race tracks were published for Formula Dé, and these are compatible with the Formula D base game.


Formula D is on my list of the best games for family gatherings and my list of the best race games.

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