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Image courtesy of Days of Wonder

Gameplay in Brief:

Players traffic in smuggled goods in Cargo Noir, storing them in warehouses until enough are accumulated to create valuable combinations which can be traded in for victory "spoils." The game's theme and artwork evoke 1950s film noir, and the settings are all notorious smuggling ports: Macao, New York, Hong Kong, Bombay, Rotterdam, Panama, Rio, Cape Town, and Tanger.

Those ports are filled with a variety of contraband which players send cargo ships to collect, hoping they can acquire the goods they want before their opponents steal them away.


For 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. About 60 minutes per game.


Cargo Noir was designed by Serge Laget.


Cargo Noir was published by Days of Wonder in 2011.


Cargo Noir is an auction game with an organized crime / smuggling theme.

Also by Serge Laget:

Laget also designed or co-designed Mystery Express (2010), Shadows Over Camelot (2005), Mare Nostrum (2003), and Mystery of the Abbey (1996).
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