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Scrabble: Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ all about Scrabble, the most popular word game ever published.


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Scrabble Deluxe

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Scrabble is far and away the world's most popular word game. This set of frequently asked questions about the board game Scrabble covers gameplay, scoring, related games, and more.

When a question involves the rules of Scrabble, the answer refers to the official Scrabble rules. Some people use and love playing with unofficial house rules, but this FAQ does not attempt to address those situations.

If you have any questions not covered here, please send me an email, or post your question on Facebook or Twitter.


  • Are the rules of Scrabble available online?
  • How many letter tiles are in Scrabble?
  • What is the official Scrabble dictionary?
  • Where can I play Scrabble online?
  • Who designed (or invented) Scrabble?


  • What are the rules for playing a blank tile?
  • When can I exchange tiles?
  • When is a game of Scrabble over?

    Related Games

  • What is Scrabble Express?
  • What is Scrabble Flash?
  • What is Scrabble Slam?


  • How do you score a play covering two Triple Word Score squares?
  • When do you score for bonus squares?

    Scrabble Associations

  • What is the North American Scrabble Players Association?
  • What is the National Scrabble Association?

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