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Monopoly - Board Game - Profile of the Board Game Monopoly
Darrow started selling copies of Monopoly independently in 1933. In 1935, Parker Brothers (now owned by Hasbro) acquired the game and started publishing it.
Monopoly - Classic Board Game - Real Estate Trading Game
Control the real estate and you control the world in Monopoly, an all-time classic board game. Collected here are resources for everyone from rookies to veteran ...
Do I Have to Build Evenly in Monopoly? - Board and Card Games
An answer to this question about the board game Monopoly: Do I have to build evenly? ... mega monopoly has skyscrapers - Andrea Allen/Flickr. Andrea Allen/ ...
Definition of Monopoly in Economics - US Economy - About.com
A monopoly is the sole provider of a good or service. Sometimes this is necessary, but usually it hurts the economy. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act doesn't make ...
Monopoly and Monopoly Power - Economics - About.com
Links on monopoly and related issues such as barriers to entry and price discrimination.
What Is a Monopoly? (Economics FAQ) - About.com
Anyone who's ever player the popular board game Monopoly has a pretty good idea of what a monopoly is. In the board game, one of the goals is to own all of ...
Monopoly - Dictionary Definition of Monopoly - Economics - About.com
Monopoly Defined - A Dictionary Definition of Monopoly.
Monopolies and Monopoly Power (Definition)
Article examines monopolies and companies in monopoly markets, and compares monopoly to oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and perfect competition.
Introduction to Natural Monopoly - Economics - About.com
This article explains what a natural monopoly is and explains the market dynamics and policy implications of natural monopolies.
Monopoly Power - Glossary - Dictionary Definition of Monopoly Power
Definition of Monopoly Power: Monopoly power is the degree of power held by the seller to set the price for a good. In U.S. antitrust law monopoly power is not ...
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