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Top 10 Best Dice Games - Liar's Dice, Can't Stop
Dice games, by their very nature, tend to rely much more on luck than skill. But playing the odds and calculating probabilities are definitely skills which can help  ...
Pig (Dice Game) - Complete Rules of Pig - Board and Card Games
The complete rules for Pig, a fun dice game played with a single six-sided die.
Favorite Dice Games - Board and Card Games - About.com
What are your favorite dice games? Read other answers and share your own.
How to Play Liar's Dice (Shuōhuǎng Zhě De Shǎizi) - Chinese Culture
Playing games like Liar's Dice and mahjong is a popular pastime in Chinese Culture. Throughout China, Liar's Dice (說謊者的骰子, shuōhuǎng zhě de shǎizi) is ...
Liar's Dice - Call My Bluff - Dice Game - Profile of Liar's Dice
One of my favorite games, Liar's Dice (also known as Call My Bluff or just Bluff) goes in and out of print. Each player rolls five dice and keeps the result secret ...
Catan Dice Game - Review - Board and Card Games - About.com
A review of the Catan Dice Game, designed by Klaus Teuber and published by Mayfair Games in 2007.
Yacht - Dice Game Rules - Rules of Yacht - Board and Card Games
Yacht is the public domain dice game upon which the published games Yahtzee and Kismet are both based. Players. 1 or more players. Best with 2 to 5 players.
To Court the King - Dice Game - Review - Board and Card Games
A review of the dice game To Court the King, published by Rio Grande Games and designed by Tom Lehmann.
Can't Stop - Dice Game - Profile - Board Game
Players roll four dice, then decide in which two columns they will improve their standing. Then the mind games begin... should you stop and save your progress  ...
Excel Formatting Techniques: Create a Dice-Rolling Program
This step in the tutorial covers the formatting techniques used to graphically display one face of a pair of dice in your worksheet. Page 2.
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