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Secret Tijuana Death Match and More
A look at the 2000 Cheapass Games schedule
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On your Web site recently, you posted a note that said, "the spring schedule may or may not contain great titles like..." Which of these can you tell us a little more about?

Like I said above, none of these games are carved in stone. Or even very playable on paper. But the ideas are as follows...

Secret Tijuana Deathmatch

You're all backstreet wrestling promoters in Tijuana, luring bankrupt and dejected American businessmen into death matches. When you hire a new fighter, you promise him a million dollars if he wins five fights, so the ideal strategy is to get him to win four fights, then lose. It's part gambling, part money management. Just like you'd expect, I guess.

Don of Time (by guest writer Paul Peterson)

A simple little card game in which players jump around a six-spot timeline, buying goods in places where they are cheap (pottery from the Greeks, for example) and selling them where they are expensive (like, to a museum in the Modern Day). Paul Peterson is a Magic and TCG developer for Wizards, who's best known for designing Guillotine, the game that beat two of mine for best card game of 1998. ;-)

The Great Brain Robbery

This is a Friedey's game set in the old West. (Why not?) The Zombies have heard that a train of medical supplies is speeding past their small town, and they are fed up with having only one Brain to pass around. Two problems: As it turns out, there's only one Brain on the train; also, you don't exactly remember what a Brain looks like. The game should revolve around slapping unknown organs into your head and trying to think with them, and trying to get off the train with the one Brain in your head. Again it's just a story, so I hope the mechanics bear out.

Devil Bunny Hates the Earth

Actually, we have a couple of Devil Bunny scenarios, one of which is called "Talking to God" and is about waiting in line at a post office. Currently the frontrunner for Devil Bunny Hates the Earth is a bunch of rats running around in a taffy factory. Taffy is funny.

U.S. Patent Number One

This is another time travel game which I was hoping to release at the same time as Peterson's, with each calling itself a sequel to the other. In US Patent Number One, everyone plays a scientist who has invented a time machine at some point in the past or future, and you are racing along the timeline to the day the Patent office opens.

There you have it: games which may or may not be part of the 2000 lineup for Cheapass Games. Sounds like it could be an interesting year, but I still have difficulty imagining myself actually trying to save Doctor Lucky...

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