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A film about competitive Scrabble (compare prices) may not have the same instant appeal as a Star Wars prequel, but it could turn out to be great. (Remember Searching for Bobby Fischer?)

In fact, there may be two opportunities for us to see whether or not competitive Scrabble works on the big screen.

According to various sources, Curtis Hanson (director and producer of the films Wonder Boys and L.A. Confidential) has optioned the book Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble (compare prices) by Stefan Fatsis.

Meanwhile, film company Miramax spent $300,000 for the rights to a script called Your Word Against Mine by Peter Speakman and Michael M.B. Galvin.

Word Freak is a wonderful book, well worth picking up and reading. Your Word Against Mine, described as a romantic comedy in which two Scrabble tournament players fall in love, reportedly is based on an article which appeared in Sports Illustrated; I've not read that one.

According to reports, Miramax would like Kate Hudson (who appeared in Almost Famous and Dr. T and the Women) to star in Your Word Against Mine.

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