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BattleBall (aka Battle Ball)

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The Bottom Line

Roaring good fun for players who won't take it too seriously, BattleBall is a beer-and-pretzels game with great plastic figures representing the football players.


  • Light, fast-paced football board game.
  • Well-designed, sturdy plastic playing pieces.
  • Huge game board adds to "big game" feeling.


  • Relies on dice rolls, so luck plays a big part.


  • For 2 players, ages 8 and up.
  • Published by Milton Bradley / Hasbro.
  • Each game takes 15 to 45 minutes.
  • Includes a three-piece interlocking board, 11 players per team, 13 dice, and more.
  • Advanced rules add passing to the basic game, which focuses on running.

Guide Review - BattleBall (aka Battle Ball)

Players first line up their 11 players, then compete to be the first to score two touchdowns. Each futuristic Battle Ball team includes 3 running backs (move with a 20-sided die), 2 safeties (12-sided), 2 linebackers (10-sided), 2 linemen (8-sided) and 2 tackles (6-sided).

Every time a tackle is attempted, at least one of the players involved is going to leave the field and be replaced with a "carnage" token. Some injuries are temporary; others last until the game ends. The running backs are very fast, but also poor tacklers. The tackles (particularly the double-sized heavy tackles) are slow, but they tackle exceptionally well.

A great game for children who like football, BattleBall is also likely to be a favorite on college campuses -- and a game I'll be playing for many football seasons to come.

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