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Scene It? - DVD Board Game

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

Scene It? incorporates DVD technology into a movie trivia game, creating an exciting new game experience.


  • Fantastic game for movie buffs.
  • Creative use of DVD technology.
  • Future expansions are planned.


  • Limited appeal to those who aren't movie fans.


  • For 2 to 4 players or teams, ages 13 and up.
  • Published by Screenlife.
  • The game board can be used two ways: folded for a short game or spread out for a longer game.
  • I believe Scene It? is one of the 50 most significant games published since 1800.

Guide Review - Scene It? - DVD Board Game

Movie trivia games have never benefited from players being able to actually see the subject of the questions, until now.

In Scene It?, there are eight question categories. Three of them require the included DVD, including watching a movie clip and then answering a related question, and identifying a movie from a single frame in which the actors' faces have been removed. There are 10 other question styles on the DVD.

The other five categories are player's choice (wild), buzz cards that allow special actions, and three low-tech (non-DVD) trivia questions. The very creative use of the DVD is possible because of the use of entirely new Optreve technology.

It won't pull in non-movie fans (although other editions, such as ESPN and TV, are available), but for film buffs it would be hard to top Scene It?, one of my very favorite trivia games.

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