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The Bottom Line

If storytelling comes naturally to you, pick up Malarky. It's similar to Balderdash but different enough to stand on its own.
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  • Great for natural storytellers.
  • Lets you flex your creative muscles.
  • Likely to be enjoyed by fans of Balderdash.


  • Hard to have fun if the players don't get into it.


  • For 3 to 6 players.
  • About 45 minutes to play.
  • From the publishers of TriBond and Mad Gab.

Guide Review - Malarky

Why are informers called "finks"? Because Albert Fink was the supervisor of a crew of detectives who would spy on railroad workers. These spies were called finks. If you knew that answer, you'll be a pro at Malarky in no time.

In this party game, players try to fool their opponents into thinking that their answers to off-beat questions (Why are racquetballs blue?) are correct, while trying to ferret out the correct answer themselves. (It's the easiest color to see.) The rules include options for team play, Mega-Malarky, and Mini-Malarky.

It's definitely better to play with a group of natural storytellers, but the Mini-Malarky version makes the game accessible to just about anyone.

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 5 out of 5
Malarky great party game great family game, Member goernie20

Check out the reviews, check out the awards this game has won. This really is a hilarious board game with fascinating content. You will love this. We do.

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