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Cranium Game Box


Image courtesy of Cranium Inc.

The Bottom Line

Fans of party games and trivia games should consider buying Cranium, a creative mix of word games, sculpting, drawing, charades and more.


  • Mixes trivia questions with party game elements.
  • The fastest-selling independent game in history.
  • 14 different types of questions and activities.


  • Must be played with the right crowd.


  • For 4 or more players.
  • Players compete as 2 to 4 teams.
  • Published by Cranium Inc.

Guide Review - Cranium

The object of the board game Cranium is to move around a track and into the center, but it's getting there that's all the fun. Teams work together to answer a wide variety of trivia questions, draw words Pictionary-style, act like famous characters, and solve various word puzzles. It's a combination of party games and trivia games that works very well.

Cranium won the Toy Industry Association's Game of the Year in February 2002 and has sold more than 1.3 million copies. Celebrities like Mike Meyers and Julia Roberts are fans, helping to make Cranium a true cultural phenomenon. A number of related Cranium games (including Cadoo for kids, Cariboo for young children, and Cosmo for the office) are also available.

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