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Monopoly 101

The basics about Monopoly, an enduring classic board game




Image courtesy of Hasbro / Parker Brothers
Monopoly is published in 26 languages and sold in 80 countries. But how much do you know about this game, first published commercially in 1935 -- the height of the Depression?

Whatever you want to know about the board game Monopoly, these links will provide it.

Monopoly Rules and Strategy

When you play Monopoly, do you get money for landing on Free Parking? If so, you're not playing by the official rules -- and you're making the game longer and probably less fun than it should be.

There are also some time-proven strategies to being a successful Monopoly player.

Playing Monopoly Online

When you can't find anyone to play Monopoly in person, there are several ways to enjoy the classic real estate game online for free.

Monopoly History

Monopoly's history is not as simple as you might imagine. Charles Darrow was not the first person to design a Monopoly-like game, and the publication of a 1974 game called Anti-Monopoly led one man to do a lot of investigating.

Collecting Monopoly

Monopoly may be the most collectible board game in history, as hundreds of editions have been published through the years. Many major U.S. cities and universities have their own special themed editions of Monopoly, as do the NFL, Coca-Cola, Betty Boop, the Simpsons, Elvis Presley, NASCAR and many others.

Some collectors have amassed thousands of Monopoly-related items, including board games, computer games, mugs, greeting cards, keychains, gum, boxer shorts and more.

If You Like Monopoly, Try These Games

There are many great board games with an economic theme. Monopoly is the best-known, but many others deserve a spot on your game shelf.

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