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Lilo and Stitch DVD Game

By November 16, 2003

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Scene It? was the first board game to incorporate DVD technology. This year, the Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture also entered the DVD trivia game category (look for a review soon). But Lilo & Stitch's Island of Adventures DVD Game is, to my knowledge, the first non-trivia board game to use DVD technology.

Here's part of what a reviewer at DVDtalk.com had to say:

"There are no dice or spinners to control how many spaces your character moves. Instead, you select the spinner at the bottom of the screen, at which point it randomly selects how many spaces you move along the game path. The path contains five different spaces on which you can land: a Frog, a Tourist, a Tiki, and Nani, and a blank spot. ... If you land on a Frog, you'll play one of many mini-games on the DVD. The Tourist will make you do some kind of fun physical activity. Tiki squares are mystery cards, and Nani gets you involved in an on-screen hiding game. Depending on how you perform during the mini-game, activity, mystery, or direction, you can win (or lose) one or more Experiment."

Collecting as many Experiments as possible is the goal of the game.

I hope to review Lilo & Stitch's Island of Adventures DVD Game myself soon, but it sounds like Disney has creatively merged a children's board game and DVD technology.

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